Welcome to Odontiatriko Kritis-Dental Smile.

Dental Smile Clinic is a model centre of specialized dental care in Crete. Our priority is to provide the best quality in services and this can easily be visible from your first visit.

At your arrival in our reception, we will help you fill in a questionnaire on your medical and dental history. This helps us understand any special needs you may have and which outcome you wish to have with your smile.


Download questionnaire: Questionnaire of your dental history

Dental Smile


Then, we create a record of the initial image of your smile with the use of a digital camera and conduct a full and assiduous check of your oral cavity. Those pictures are absolutely necessary for the analysis of your smile and for further discussion which is needed for us to show you the initial condition of your mouth and the problems you may be facing.
Dental Smile


For a full examination and for the exposure of conditions that are not easily visible – like cysts, quality of previous root canal treatments, hidden coterminous caries, bone volume – we move on to a panoramic x-ray.
Dental Smile


In Odontiatriko Kritis –Dental Smile, you have the opportunity to be offered digital panoramic x-rays, with the minimum amount of radiation, which you can keep in your medical history records.
Dental Smile


After, we have completed the diagnosis, we see the photos and your panoramic x-ray along with you and we move on to your treatment plan. During this treatment plan, we will discuss your personal needs and wishes, we will fully inform you about all alternative treatments as well as the estimated cost and together we will choose the best possible options for you.
Dental Smile


You will then be taken care of by the specialized dentist of the appropriate section of our clinic.

Finally, we schedule your next appointment to start with your treatment. This next appointment will be set on a date and time which is convenient for you, and you will be informed beforehand (if you wish) by phone by our reception staff.

We have taken care of your parking space so that you can arrive on time.

Our parking spaces lie at Oulof Palme street. You wait outside the first ramp you meet, which is closed, under the sign EXIT (ΕΞΟΔΟΣ). Then, you call our reception on 28310-28100 and our staff will open the door to the parking area. You may enter and park your car only on the parking spaces with the sign “PARKING ΟΔΟΝΤΙΑΤΡΕΙΟΥ”.

In our dental office, each time an appointment is scheduled, what opens is a communication cycle, which is not interrupted after we complete your treatment. Keeping in touch with you and maintaining our results are top priorities for us. For this purpose, we have established a programme of rechecks every 3,6,or 12 months, depending on the incident, to be given long-term success of the dental work that we undertake. With years of clinical experience, our team can provide high quality dental services, with the comfortable and painless way you deserve.