Odontiatriko Peramatos

In order to cover the increased dental needs of our patients , we have created the dental office Odontiatriko Peramatos, branch of our dental office in Rethymno, Odontiatriko Kritis–Dental Smile.

Dr. Nikolaos Anyfantakis, surgeon dentist who graduated from the University of Athens and a team of dentists specialized abroad have been offering high quality dental services in the area of ​​Geropotamos at Perama for the last two years.

Our branch aims to provide high quality dental care in an office fully-equipped with the latest dental equipment .

Besides modern technical equipment , Odontiatriko Peramatos is staffed with an abundance of highly qualified scientists from different specialties such as maxillofacial surgery, periodontics , implantology , cosmetic dentistry etc.


Our dental office, Odontiatriko Peramatos , is located in Perama Mylopotamou , just after the iron bridge (on the first floor of a corner building with hunting equipment) .

Odontiatriko Peramatos, Dental Smile
Odontiatriko Peramatos, Dental Smile


Our doctors take care of our patients on working days and hours by appointment . To make an appointment, please call 28340 20002 or 6986537831 .