George Georgopoulos

George Georgopoulos

I’ve been working as a professional dentist for the last 12 years. A dental center of high quality standards had been my personal dream since my first day as a student in Dentistry School of Athens.

6 years ago, I managed to make my dream come true. Dental Smile, is an exceptional Dental Clinic, based in Rethymno, which offers its services to both Cretan inhabitants and also to the visitors of Crete.

Dental Smile is an outstanding medical center, equipped with the latest technical equipment found in Rethymno.

Our dentists are distinguished doctors of all specialties, each one with proven scientific standing and vast experience in their fields. Besides the doctors, highly trained staff provides our patients with high quality services, information and continuous support.

Visit Dental Smile today and let us take care of your smile!