The foundations for a healthy dentition lie in the first years of people’s lives, a fact which unfortunately most parents ignore, according to Greek statistics. Despite all campaigns which have taken place to highlight the importance of appropriate oral health care, research has shown that four out of five children don’t brush their teeth on a daily basis, while four out of five teenagers have at least three decayed teeth at the age of fifteen.

These children will have to visit their dentist many times in their adulthood and will have lots of dental treatment procedures, which would have been avoided, if children had started taking care of their teeth early enough.

When should a child pay his first visit to the dentist?

The sooner, the better, even when there is no evident problem with your child’s teeth. The dentist will check the dentition status, will recommend methods to prevent decay and will point out any future orthodontic disorders that could be caused by bad habits.

Moreover, because at such an early age problems are minor, a visit to the dentist is usually limited to a typical clinical check, so that the child can familiarize with the dentist. In this way, a relationship of trust is built, a relationship which is crucial and determining for the future.

In Odontiatriko Kritis our goal is to make your children’s visit to the dentist as pleasant as possible. That’s why we reach out to them with great care and sensitivity. What is really important to us is to make our little patients-and their parents as well- understand the importance of oral health care and how to preserve it.

Which dental treatments apply to children?Which dental treatments apply to children?


In Odontiatriko Kritis we treat successfully all cases of acute fracture of roots after injuries, prolonged presence of deciduous teeth or obstruction of eruption of permanent teeth. In some cases, we also move on to sealants, fillings made of composite resin, to prevent decay, and fluoride therapy to increase teeth’s resistance and durability.

And since we all know that prevention is the best treatment, we ‘train’ children –and their parents of course- to obtain the proper nutritional habits and learn to brush their teeth in a way that will help them keep their teeth in an excellent status.