The “basic weapons” of Cosmetic Dentistry are porcelain veneers. These are extremely thin porcelain layers bonded to your teeth. Although they are so thin, after bonding they become remarkably durable and show high expected longevity. According to findings of international scientific research, their durability can last for twenty years and to a percentage of 90%.

The whole procedure demands two visits to the dentist. This means that within one week’s time the patient can obtain a smile which looks and is perfect!

Which imperfections can be corrected?

Porcelain veneers are recommended to those who are not satisfied with the size, position or colour of their teeth and wish to make changes. This, of course, is not always easy. Although there are some “golden ratios” which make the way, perfect communication and co-operation is demanded between the patient, the dentist and the lab technician as well. The lab technician, apart from the dentist will have to be experienced in this sort of rehabilitation procedures.

Which is the procedure followed?

By the time we decide that our patient meets all requirements to place porcelain veneers, we proceed to customize the treatment plan, which is the most important issue. The dentist will make a stone replica, on which the lab technician will work, so that the patient can have the opportunity to see exactly how his teeth will turn out to be. What is more, with a special technique called ‘mock-up’, the patient can see the new mouth image, before we even ‘touch’ his teeth. In this way, when we reach the stage of bonding, we will be absolutely sure about the shape, size or colour of the new teeth. The final outcome is something that we know beforehand, since  we created it along with our patient and lab technician.