Stelios Vlazakis

Education: He graduated from Medical School with honors in 1990

Specialization / Specialty Acquisition: After he completed his military service obligations, serving in the air force and the rural health centre service in Vamos, he was appointed in Chania Prefectural Hospital in 1991, where he remained for 5 years as an sho in Department of general surgery. In 1996 he was appointed in the University Hospital of Heraklion, where he remained for 4 years and acquired the title of surgeon for children in 2001.

Stelios Vlazakis

From 2001 until 2003 he attended all the activities of the laboratory of Urodynamic PAGNI with Professor Mr. Deleka making bladder manometries  in young children. He was an Associate of the Institute of information technology (ITE) in Heraklion for 2 years in the programs < Application of telematics in the Health Region of Crete >, Star *, Intercare.


  • Certification/Diploma

paediatric Urology (PAGNI, PAIDON AGIA SOFIA)
Trauma and Emergency surgery (LYONS, FRANCE)
Surgical Oncology (PAGNI) acute abdominal Pain (PAGNI, PAIDON AGIA SOFIA) Microsurgery (CAT. ATTICA, UNIVERSITY of IOANNINA)

  • Participations in Conferences: 70 participations in Greek conferences and 25
  • Presentations in foreign conferences/Research-Symposia: 55 presentations
  • Publications: 10 foreign-language Publications (PUB MED), 7 Greek (medical library)
  • Writings: Laparoscopic surgery 2000 (edition Parisianos),Kids Traumatology 2005 (edition Paschalidi), Evolvements in Pediatric Surgery 2006 (express studio)

12 years private practitioner in Chania
Responsible scientific advisor/Clinical Pediatric Surgeon in various clinics of Chania (Iassis, Woman, Therapeutic Center of Chania)
Surgeon for children and adolescents of IKA (Chania)
7 years medical doctor, surgeon for children and adolescents of TAXY (Chania)
Collaborator of many Private Insurances